Item collection 2500891 original Gallery hero 2500891 original

VINTAGE 80s Demi Parure gold tone Large tear Shape Ruby Lucite cabochon in a Rhinestone Pendant with earring


Item collection 2500561 original Gallery hero 2500561 original

VINTAGE 50s Darling Two Tone Bakelite Dangle clip on Earrings with rhinestones


Item collection 2500620 original Gallery hero 2500620 original

VINTAGE 80s Set of Finely Spun Gold Tone Flowers with lucite Crystals and Rhinestones with crystal drop earrings


Item collection 2500795 original Gallery hero 2500795 original

VINTAGE 60s Bib with clusters of jet black dangle beads on Silver tone chain necklace


Item collection 2500581 original Gallery hero 2500581 original

VINTAGE 50s Delicious Pair of Sliced Bakelite in Bangles Butterscotch and Cinnamon.


Item collection 2500669 original Gallery hero 2500669 original

VINTAGE 80s Turquoise Chunks Dangle Silver Tone Bracelet with toggle


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